Santa Drooly Helper Bib

Santa Drooly Helper Bib

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This Santa Drooly Helper bib is reversible, Santa on one side which is made with soft toweling material with accessories, and on the other side it is made with flannel material 

It is Hand-made and trimmed with border with elastic neckband designed to slip in and out your dog neck easily.

Drool Master Sized  

Drool area of 11” long by 13" wide

Accommodate a 23-26 inch ( 58-66cm) neck size.

Drool Master size will be a good choice for Giant Dog Breed 110 lbs-155lbs (50-70kg) as a general guide. 

Drool Junior Sized  

Drool area of 7” long by 10" wide

Accommodate a 16-20 inch (41-51cm) neck size.

For most Giant breed Puppies, the Drool Junior size will last up to 12 months. This size will also fit the heavy drooling Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, and Clumber Spaniel. As well as smaller built Bernese Mountain dogs, Newfie, Great Pyrenees, and Saint Bernards.


Machine washable *Warm gentle machine wash 

*Do not bleach *Do not dry clean*Put a fabric on top before warm ironing

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